What Penfielders are Saying

"Mindy is a person who truly walks her talk. Her acts of conservation and innovation within Penfield are inspiring. Her foresight and planning have provided our community with many gems. She works tirelessly to bring sustainable solutions to our community. A vote for Mindy is a vote to make Penfield an even better place to live."

Kristina Hutch Matthews, lifelong Penfield resident & business owner, registered Independence Party voter

"I am proud to have worked with Mindy and the Friends of Shadow Pines to save the golf course from residential development. In this effort she showed tireless energy, commitment to getting things done, and the ability to work productively with people having viewpoints and political leanings other than her own. Mindy is good for Penfield."

Bob Peterson, Registered Republican

"My wife and I chose to move to Penfield eight years ago to start our family because of how unique it is. We would joke that we had corn fields just down the road and could still be downtown in ten minutes. We chose a house across the street from a wonderful park and with a backyard that backed up to beautiful woods. We both grew up with nature in our backyard and wanted the same for our children. Over time we have seen more and more of those corn fields and woods disappear in Penfield. When the for sale sign went up for the land behind our home we were disappointed and assumed that it would see the same fate. Fortunately we have a great neighbor and advocate in Mindy who understands the need to preserve our green space. Mindy purchased the property and subsequently donated it to ensure that it stayed undeveloped and available for the community to take advantage of. We are very grateful that our two girls will be able to grow up enjoying and exploring the woods like my wife and I were able to as children. We appreciate Mindy's commitment to the community and managing Penfield's progress in a responsible manner."

Karen & Rick Bartlett, Registered Democrats

"I met Mindy before most people knew of the plans to sell Shadow Pines to developers. She was a huge part of the 'Save Shadow Pines' effort. I am forever grateful for the effort she put into saving the 211 acres of open space next to the Penfield quarry. Mindy's election would bring fresh ideas to the Town Board, to help balance growth with issues involving quality of life for Penfield residents."

Jim Froom, resident of Penfield for 40 years; unaffiliated voter

"Consensus among Board members with differing perspectives makes good government even better. I’m voting for Mindy."

Jack Best, Penfield resident and lifelong Democrat

"In the Fall of 2017, our dear friend Gale passed away. My husband and I befriended Gale many years ago and enjoyed having him as a dear friend and member of our family. Gale was a WWII Navy Veteran and a long standing resident of Penfield. We spent many evenings in his living room listening to stories about how his home belonged to the Qualtrough family and how it was moved from one location to another by horse and trailer in 1900. When Gale passed John and I and some of our neighbors fretted over what would become of Gale’s home, built in 1840. We were terrified that someone would come along, break up the land into sections and build new homes with half the character of his. We were ecstatic when Mindy MacLaren chose to buy Gale’s home. Mindy had a vision to preserve and restore the history of his home. When found structurally unstable Mindy chose to build an improved version of his home on the same spot keeping the front door, built in bookcases, staircase and other items that brought great charm to Gale’s home. Now today when we drive past this home we can still see Gale sitting on that beautiful wrap around porch, beaming with pride because Mindy found value in his memory and the memory of his home."

Jan Conte, Qualtrough Rd., Democrat