Mindy MacLaren



Town Board

Resilient, Not Redundant

My vision for Penfield is one in which its historic and natural treasures are nurtured and cultivated. With intention, we can help Penfield re-make its identity into a place that serves the needs and wishes of its residents while inspiring others to visit it. Purposeful creation of a sense of place will promote investment and economic development, while building and expanding on what makes Penfield unique.

In the present moment, we need a leader who is actively engaged in making Penfield a life-enhancing and dynamic place to live. Penfield can be more than just a thoroughfare to other places. It should, and could, be than that. We deserve a Four Corners that puts our collective best face toward the 30,000+ cars that drive through it daily.

Penfielders deserve a voice at the table of our local government who represents ALL of us, not just some of us; and who is elected by the People, not appointed by the Town Board.

Community Enhancement

The idea of 'Community Enhancement' is two-fold.

Firstly: it pertains to specific areas in Penfield that could use some TLC. 2 such locations that come to mind are the Four Corners and the Clark House, both of historical importance to Penfield. More than 30,000 cars a day* drive by unkempt, weedy or empty storefronts as they pass through the Four Corners. Embarrassing. After a majority of residents voted to save them, both the 1832 Clark House and its barn sit unused, overgrown, and rotting. Unacceptable.

Secondly, 'Community Enhancement' refers to the need to create a sense of place for modern day Penfield. No longer an agricultural hub, with a 4-lane highway through its center and no industry, Penfield needs to re-invent itself to become more than the quick growth of chain stores and dental offices. Following the concept of "place-making" and adding in subtle details gleaned from nearby towns with strong identities, we can become economically diverse, inviting to visitors, and responsive to the everyday needs of residents. Creating a sense of community is fluid, something all Penfielders can participate in and add to over time.

Be sure to watch my Zoom presentation 'Penfield Reimagined' on July 30th at 7:30pm to learn more about my ideas for "Town TLC."

Email me to register for this 1 hour event!


Representation & Responsive Leadership

As of July 2020, there are more registered Democrats in Penfield than any other political party, yet we are not represented in our town government, and haven't been since 1983. As Penfield becomes more diverse, our local government should reflect this diversity.

As your town councilwoman, I promise to be a voice for all Penfielders, not only those of my own political party. As such, I promise to be responsive and transparent.

I will work for ALL Penfielders.

Ideas of Importance

(in no particular order)
  • Shadow Pines Master Plan

  • Use of Clark House & Barn

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Pesticide-free town properties

  • Leaf pick up

  • Town composting

  • Support neighbors of color

  • Curb development near gun ranges

  • Create affordable housing options

  • Support small, local businesses

  • Form Penfield Historical Society

  • Sustainability

  • Expand network & services offered to elderly residents

  • Bring back 'Heritage Days'

  • Encourage civic engagement

  • Broaden racial and political diversity of members on town boards & committees

  • Greater access to public transportation

  • Connection and/or completion of sidewalk-systems to encourage bike-ability

  • Working towards achieving 'Climate Smart Communities' certification.

  • Increase oversight of Historic Preservation Board

  • Promote Penfield's natural areas & access to Irondequoit Bay

  • Town-wide communication platform

  • Neighborhood Associations

  • Launch an oral history project for Penfield


Mindy has committed herself to service and investment in the Penfield community in an effort to bring about the change she wishes to see.

  • kept a combined 240 acres of Penfield land from development,

  • founder of the Irene Gossin Nature Preserve ,

  • founding member of the 'Save Shadow Pines' resident group (now known as the 'Friends of Shadow Pines'),

  • collaborated with Penfield residents to save both Shadow Pines and historic Clark House & barn,

  • member of Penfield CCA Resident Committee,

  • volunteer driver with Bri-Pen Senior Rides (through Lifespan),

  • created the 'Penfield Elders Helpline' (specifically providing Covid-related resources),

  • guest speaker at Penfield Trails Committee's Indoor Hike, 2017 & 2018,

  • guest speaker at Penfield Recreation's DEAR program, 2018,

  • 'SuffraTea' guest speaker, 2017,

  • Penfield Rotary guest speaker, 2017,

  • revived the newspaper of the Penfield Democratic Committee, in blog form: 'The New Penfield Optimist'

  • partnered with Empire State Consumer Project, hosting Chip Osborne to teach municipalities non-toxic weed and pest control

  • renovated a 1954 Parkview Drive home, designed by noted local MCM architect, Don Hershey,

  • re-built an 1840 farmhouse on Qualtrough Road.


'Penfield Reimagined!

Watch Mindy's Zoom presentation to see just why we need her ideas and enthusiasm on Penfield's Town Board.